Friday, December 10, 2010

Worst HDR photo ever

Yes, I have been shooting of late. Plenty of crap, one after another. Here is my lame attempt, and as well as a grand entry into the world of HDR, which I consider to be the horse shit of photography, but in minds of certain photographers a revolution. One thing for sure is that it is so ecstatically easy to burn one terrible picture after another with this technique, as you can see up here.

What the hell is HDR anyway? Here is my understanding - it is a computer software rendition of multiple pictures taken at a wide range of apertures all combined into one. Very simple concept, really. What it does is that it "sort" of make the picture look a bit unrealistic in various degree of subtlety, depending on how much of HDR technique was employed. And this weirdness is such that, in order to get it, you have to be aware of what is not possible with the regular technique of taking a photo.


Pentax K-7
DA 31/1.8 ltd
1/200 @ f/3.5
0 ev
ISO 200
NIK HDR flex pro

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