Saturday, December 25, 2010

Already trying to get ahead - this little

This was the break she was looking for.

This particular footage was aired on a local cable show on Christmas eve, and this Hollywood movie director frantically placed a call at the cable station, the moment he saw my daughter sarcastically smiling into the camera, saying that she was the girl he was looking for for his next blockbuster movie.

The movie is based on the oldest novel known in existence; A tale of Genji. The cast will include Oscar winning actors, a great deal of computer generated motion graphics so advanced that the total production time is thought to be cut in less than half of the conventional method. Because of contractual obligation I cannot disclose not a whole lot more, but this is going to be big. Or so they tell me. They tell me that my little girl is going to be a star.

Pentax K-7
DA* 300/4
1/60 @ f/4
0 ev
ISO 400

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